Chicken Breasts (Bone In)

Chicken Breasts (Bone In)

Luscious, moist, tender and flavorful. A truly exquisite experience. It's very important to NOT overcook these chicken breasts as they do not have much fat. Cooking to 150F and then letting rest for at least 5 minutes yields the best results.

Each package contains 1 full chicken breast which is cut in half for 2 pieces per package.

Approx. weight of 1 package is 2.5 - 3 lb.

One package will feed 4-6 adults.

Price per lb $ 11.00
Estimated Cost Per Item $ 26.50

Bulk Price per lb $ 8.25
Bulk Estimated Cost Per Item $ 20.00
Minimum Bulk Quantity 5 +

PLEASE NOTE: All of the costs are estimates only. Each item will be weighed when you pick up your order and you will be charged based on the exact amount based on the price per lb cost.